Based in a state-of-the-art operations centre in Waltham Forest, our team can monitor and respond to security issues at your office, premises or home, deterring burglars and vandals and keeping your place safe and secure.

We offer an array of services from CCTV and alarm monitoring to plant tracking and lone worker support.

We are committed to delivering a professional service with the latest digital technology. Please contact us to discuss your security needs.


Remote security and alarm monitoring 24/7


Our skilled operators monitor your site day and night

We use the latest technology to provide surveillance and system controls

We respond, investigate and act to protect your premises

We monitor a multitude of systems to match your needs

Plant tracking - keep tabs on you valuable equipment to prevent theft and fraud

Lone worker support - our service provides comfort anf security for staff working on their own in the community

Alarm monitoring - our 24/7 team can monitor your alarms and notify you or the police if and when required

Remote access - we can provide remote access to your buildings or sites 24/7


Surveillance Code Camera Compliant

Our team and cameras are Surveillance Code Camera Compliant to reassure you that our surveillance camera schemes are transparent, efficient and effective.



Details of the service

Our Operations Centre is based in Waltham Forest and currently provides CCTV surveillance, alarm monitoring and tracking to numerous services and businesses in the East London area.

Our experienced team will review your current equipment and help assess the best CCTV solution for you.

We have a team of skilled operators who man the Centre around the clock to provide a rapid response to any alarms or infringements related to your premises.

Our remote CCTV monitoring system provides site owners with the ability to stop crime at the earliest possible stage.

We work closely with the Police and assist them in apprehending law breakers and providing evidence.