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Bin washing

Get our team to clean your bins

We offer a jet wash bin cleaning service that cleans your filthy bin so you don’t have to do it.

Our team will come and give your wheelie bins a thorough clean on a one-off or regular basis.

We can help you to keep your bins clean and hygienic using the right tools for the job so it is a quick and painless process.

Our reliable operatives use a custom-made machine that quickly and effortlessly allows your bins to be cleansed using jet washing technology.


One off wash for 2 bins £13.00
Quarterly contract (4 washes/year) £44.00
Bi-monthly washes (6 washes/year) £60.00
Annual contract for 2 bins every 4 weeks (13 washes/year) £108
If there is a third bin, and it is empty, it can be washed for free

High standards

Highly skilled

Our team has many years of experience working for residents in Waltham Forest and beyond.

Fully insured

Our team are insured with £5 million in public liability insurance, so your home is in safe hands.

Fair pricing

All our services are priced based on the time we estimate and quoted fairly.

Bin Washing Services

Our servicestore team offers a professional and reliable bin washing service to residents and businesses.

Your dirty bin will be jet washed inside and out and the contaminated water will be collected, taken away and disposed in compliance with all DEFRA and Environment Agency guidelines.

Our team is fully insured and has the necessary legal consents to dispose of waste-water. Our operators are trained to ensure your bins are cleaned to the highest industry standards.

If not properly cleaned on a regular basis, refuse bins and food waste bins can become unhygienic and attract vermin and insects. Having your bin cleaned every 4 weeks prevents a build-up of rotting smelly waste and keeps your bin fresh and clean.

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