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Treat Japanese knotweed

Struggling with Japanese Knotweed taking over your garden?

Japanese Knotweed

It doesn't take long for Japanese Knotweed to take hold of your garden. If you've got a garden full of knotweed then our licensed team can help dispose of it for you.

Japanese Knotweed causes a great deal of damage to property including drains and pipework, boundary and retaining walls, outbuildings and conservatories. Japanese Knotweed is ‘controlled waste’ and must not be included with normal household waste or put out in green waste collection schemes.

The spread of knotweed is controlled in the UK under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Waste containing knotweed is covered by the Environment Protection Act 1990 Part II and must be treated and disposed of by a competent accredited contractor.

It can take time, with multiple visits to make sure it is 100  % gone, but our gardening team can leave your garden clear of this horrible weed!

Booking process:

1. Submit the details of your job requirements using the portal

2. Please submit photos of your job requirements to help us give you an accurate quote

3. Our team will review your job requirements and get in touch via email with a quote within 3 working days

4. Once you've accepted the quote, and provided a payment, we will book an appointment at your convenience

5. Your Japanese Knot Weed expert team arrives and gets your job done

High standards

Highly skilled

Our team has many years of experience working for residents in Waltham Forest and beyond.

Fully insured

Our team are insured with £5 million in public liability insurance, so your home is in safe hands.

Fair pricing

All our services are priced based on the time we estimate and quoted fairly.

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