If you’ve recently had a clear out in your house or garden and need to get rid of the rubbish, our professional, friendly team can come and take it away for you.

We all have a clear out every now and again, but getting rid of the rubbish carefully and legally can be difficult.
If you have garden waste, building waste or home rubbish that won’t be taken away in your weekly refuse collection, we will come and pick it up and dispose of it legally.

Don’t trust that passing man and his van who will take it all away for a couple of notes, they may be illegally dumping your rubbish. If that rubbish is identified as yours, you could be fined £400.


We will clear your rubbish quickly, efficiently and legally


Fully insured team – our team are insured with £5 million in public liability insurance, so you are in safe hands

Guaranteed legal disposal of waste – we are fully backed by the London Borough of Waltham Forest and have all the necessary waste-disposal licences

Available across Waltham Forest – we’re available for clearance jobs across Waltham Forest.

Fair pricing - you tell us what you have, we will provide a quote based on the quantity and type of rubbish you are getting rid of 

We do not charge VAT on this service

Number of items Indicative price
1 standard £26
2 standard or one oversize £37
3 standard (or 1 std+1 oversize) £47
4 items £54
5 items £61.50
Additional cost per additional item + £10


Prices are calculated by number of items, difficulty of removing and number of operatives required.
Please contact our team for a quote.

Extra charges apply if additional time is required to bag up rubbish, or if additional operatives are required.

Clearance services

Garden clearance – weeds, garden fence panels, old sheds, turf, old garden tools

Building materials – slates, building rubble must be bagged or tell us it is not, wood, insulation

House clearance – furniture, toys, kitchen contents, hoovers, bedroom rubbish and clothes, packaging and books. Small items must be bagged, or tell us if they're not. 

If there is anything that can be re-used or recycled, we have arrangements with the necessary organisations locally to allow us to do that.

If you are having a spring clean, or getting ready for an event at home and you need to clear away the rubbish, ring or email us for a free quote.

We can dismantle beds and take apart furniture to take it away.
If there are lots of small items, we need it in bags or we can bag it up when we get there, we just need to know.